How Saleh hired as head coach would help 49ers in NFL draft


From the quarterback position to their long list of free agents, the 49ers have plenty of pressing questions that must be answered this offseason. Among those question marks is the future of Robert Saleh. 

Since being hired as defensive coordinator ahead of the 2017 season, Saleh has been a key piece to the 49ers' success. The 49ers of course hope he remains in Santa Clara for years to come, but that could be out of their hands. Saleh has become a hot commodity among teams looking for a new coach after this season.

Michigan legislators even sent a letter to Detroit Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp to hire Saleh as their next head coach after firing Matt Patricia. 

Kyle Shanahan no doubt hopes Saleh remains on the 49ers' staff after this season. If Saleh is hired as a head coach, however, it wouldn't be the worst thing for San Francisco's future. The NFL last month passed a rule that rewards teams that developed minority coaches. Saleh, whose parents are Lebanese American, falls under this category.

The reward is a third-round draft pick in consecutive years, as The Athletic's Matt Barrows mentioned in his latest mailbag.

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These selections would come at end of the third round, after the compensatory picks. That's a notable reward, especially next year for the 49ers. They currently don't own their third-round draft pick after trading it to Washington in their Trent Williams deal. 


While the 49ers have every reason to want Saleh in Santa Clara, another team hiring him as their head coach wouldn't be the worst thing by any means.

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