49ers GM Lynch discusses Williams' apparent 'struggles'


John Lynch knows the 49ers can be better.

The offensive line, in particular, has been under fire as of late, with Trent Williams and Mike McGlinchey being singled out as underperformers. Both have pushed back, saying the average NFL fan doesn't understand O-line play. The 49ers have allowed the fourth-most sacks of any team through five games, so they aren't exactly the elite unit many expected them to be with Williams joining the fold.

Lynch, the 49ers' general manager who made the trade this offseason for Williams, believes the perceived struggles for the seven-time Pro Bowl selection mostly have to do with expectations.

"I think Trent has a standard, and that's part of the onus that's on you when you're a gifted player, and you're a great player who's played at a high level in this league, is that the standard is very high," Lynch said on KNBR's "Murph & Mac" show (h/t 49ers Web Zone). "I think with his first couple of games, he established a standard of what he's capable of, and that's dominating people in front of him.

"The Philly game, I think a lot was made of it. I don't think he played as bad as people felt. Last week, he had his struggles. And again, that's just to his standard. In this league, your top players, they've got to play great, and we need that this week from our top players. They've got to play at a really high level for us to be successful, and I'm expecting that."

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Aaron Donald and the hard-hitting Los Angeles Rams defense await the 49ers in Week 6, so Williams and the rest of the guys up front will need to be at their best, or whoever ends up starting at quarterback will be spending a lot of time on the ground Sunday night.

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