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John Lynch is a big fan of quarterback Kyler Murray, and believes that if the Cardinals don’t select him with the No. 1 overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, there will be a flurry of calls to the 49ers regarding the No. 2 pick.

“I would, wouldn’t you?” Lynch said Monday at his draft preview media availability when asked about Murray's draft prospects. “There seems to be a ton of interest and I understand, man. We, a couple times, just threw him up in here (the draft room) and it’s electric stuff, it really is. 

“Had some nightmares about, not me myself chasing him, but about us chasing him if it does fall that way. He’s pretty special."

Lynch said that conversations will naturally heat up this week with teams who might be interested in trading with them for the No. 2 pick. 

“My experience, it typically happens this week,” Lynch said. “My first year, some things happened at the owner’s meetings. This week, which is just this morning thus far, a couple calls but nothing of substance. 

“I’d imagine if there is interest, those things will heat up. But as of right now, like I said, we’ll listen. We also feel extremely comfortable that we could get some game-changing players there, and that’s a good feeling.” 

Lynch would obviously not tip his hand to who he and coach Kyle Shanahan would prefer, but Nick Bosa would appear to be the favorite. Lynch quipped that no matter what the Cardinals do, it will happen quickly and that they will be ready for it. 


“The one thing I know, we aren’t going to have to wait long,” Lynch said. “You know, whatever that is, 15 minutes and then we’ll know. Whether it’s them or someone else picking him [Murray] or someone else. 

“Do I want to know? Sure, just like you do. Just like everybody does, and that’s why there’s been so many different stories.” 

Lynch could very well be fanning the flames of the Murray hype with his compliments about the prospect’s abilities. While he restrains himself from too much social media exposure, he is definitely aware of the chatter on it regarding who might be the top pick. 

“I think that’s the hard thing about social media,” Lynch said. “People are talking about it all the time now. I think things in conjecture, used to start much later in the process. It starts fairly early and it’s pretty brilliant what the league does because people talk about this all the time.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it. I think that what I know is that we’re in a really good position and we’re not, as I said, going to have to wait long.”  

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No matter how the situation unravels on draft day, Lynch is certain that he and his team are well prepared to deal with it. 

“What happens there at one, will it have an effect on what we do at two? We’ll see.”