49ers GM John Lynch says Nick Bosa setting standard going forward


49ers defensive end Nick Bosa made his presence known against the Cleveland Browns on Monday in the 31-3 win -- and it was beyond just his flag trolling of Baker Mayfield. Although that was pretty epic.

That celebrating was brought on post-sack, and despite his dad John saying it was out of character for him, the hit itself was not. As a matter of fact, he set the bar for that performance.

"I think that's the standard now," 49ers general manager John Lynch said on KNBR's "Murph and Mac" show.

Bosa has always had an eye and the spotlight on him and with his health concerns finally subsiding, he was ready to show what he's made of.

Bosa didn't disappoint.

"I think his health, the ability to turn early on that ankle, the bye week really did him wonders," Lynch said. "And he came out and played like -- that was a special effort. It really was."

Lynch doesn't anticipate him stopping now. 

"That's the type of player he can be, though, consistently," he added.

"He's going to have guys chipping," Lynch said. "He's going to have tight ends with presence on him. He's going to have people coming across formations. All those things."


The 49ers have other young help from Dee Ford and DeForest Buckner that doesn't hurt by any means. Unless of course, you're a member of the opposing team. And Lynch realizes that.

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"The nice thing and the way we build this line is, OK, well, you've got Dee Ford on the other side," Lynch explained. "So you try to pick your poison, and whatever you do, we've got an answer for it."

"But Nick is an incredibly talented football player. I think Kyle [Shanahan] is exactly right. We felt like he played at a very high level the first three games. It kind of went unnoticed because he didn't finish. He left a lot of sacks out there. I mean, this guy could legitimately have 10 sacks right now. He kind of fell off a bunch earlier in the year."