49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo responds to Erin Andrews interview reaction

49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo responds to Erin Andrews interview reaction

When the 49ers officially finished their 28-25 win over the Arizona Cardinals last Thursday night to move to 8-0, Jimmy Garoppolo had something to say about it.

During a postgame interview with FOX Sports' Erin Andrews, he responded to a question about being undefeated and said: "Feels great, baby."

The internet had a field day with it because, well, it's the internet.

Garoppolo was asked Thursday during his press conference if he was surprised about the amount of attention the clip got.

"I didn't expect it to blow up like that," he said. "It is what it is, but yeah -- I'm excited to be 8-0, baby." 

"I say 'baby' like 500 times throughout a game, just to my teammates and stuff," Garoppolo continued. "It wasn't like that."

Media members in attendance laughed, and even Andrews herself responded by doubling down on how their interaction wasn't a big deal:

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Garoppolo's response to Andrews did not appear to be anything inappropriate, despite what those glued to their phones might have thought. Jimmy G also was coming off arguably one of the best games of his career, so it shouldn't surprise anyone he was animated.

The 49ers take on the rival Seattle Seahawks on "Monday Night Football." We will see then if they remain the only undefeated team in the NFL ... baby.

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49ers' Richard Sherman donates $5K to help Compton Pop Warner team

49ers' Richard Sherman donates $5K to help Compton Pop Warner team

A group of six-year-olds in Compton is making history, but they needed help. In came 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman to save the day. 

The Hub City 6U football team is undefeated and has been invited to play at the National Youth Championship in Florida next month. The costs, however, were too much for the families to take care of themselves. 

Sherman, a Compton native, stepped in to help in a major way. And for reasons bigger than football.

The 49ers' star cornerback was impressed by the strong habits coaches have taught the team, including the importance of education. Players must have at least a 3.1 GPA to play, and each has done so this season. 

Sherman raised $5,000 on the team's GoFundMe page on Monday morning. The team has a goal of $15,000. As of this publishing, they have raised over $22,000 in fewer than 24 hours, thanks in large part to Sherman's donation. 

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Even though the team already has eclipsed their goal, you can donate here to help with travel, food, boarding and more.

Richard Sherman floats conspiracy theory for pass interference penalties

Richard Sherman floats conspiracy theory for pass interference penalties

Very rarely do people admit they were in the wrong, especially in sports. When was the last time an NBA player committed a foul at a critical juncture and copped to it afterward?

The same is true of NFL players when a flag is thrown. There was never a hold or a pass interference.

In Richard Sherman's case, that's normally true.

Entering Sunday's Week 11 game against the Cardinals, the 49ers cornerback had been flagged just once for pass interference in nine games. But during the 49ers' 36-26 win at Levi's Stadium, Sherman was flagged three times for PI, all coming in the first half.

The first penalty was especially odd because it came on a challenge. Sherman tackled Cardinals receiver Christian Kirk before the ball arrived. There was no flag initially, but the Cardinals challenged and the call was reversed.

Overturned pass interference calls have been rare this season, so it made Sherman raise an eyebrow.

Three PI penalties and a nail-biting win over the Cardinals later, Sherman floated an interesting conspiracy theory about the flags tossed his way Sunday, pointing to his position on the NFL Players Association's Executive Committee. 

“I had three penalties on the season coming into this game, and to get three in a half is really interesting, especially with the way that the reversals have gone,” Sherman said Sunday in his postgame press conference. “I think there’s been probably over 100 PI challenges this year, and there’s been five, I think, reversals. And I’m two of them. I think being an E.C. member and part of that committee has its perks, and then it has its conversations where you’re the only one who gets overturned.

"But it is what it is. You deal with that in this league. I've been here long enough, I've played long enough to realize they call the game like that sometimes and you just got to overcome -- on to the next play, on to the next play, on to the next play. Let them deal with it later on. I'll let the league deal with it. I know the way the system works with referees and how they get the playoffs. They have a point system where they either got it right or they got it wrong, so the league will make the decision and tell me if they are right or wrong."

In fairness to the refs, that first one was 100 percent a penalty.

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The 49ers overcame Sherman's penalties and a 16-point deficit to beat the Cardinals and move to 9-1, setting up a massive "Sunday Night Football" showdown with the Packers in Week 12.

If there's another PI reversal that goes against Sherman next week, you can bet he'll get the corkboard out and start trying to put the conspiracy puzzle pieces together.