Jimmy G reveals pass in 49ers' loss to Seahawks he wants back

Jimmy G

After three solid outings, 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo struggled in Seattle, and there was one particular play that has been on the quarterback's mind. 

In the 49ers' 30-23 loss to the Seahawks, Garoppolo completed 20 of his 30 attempts for 299 yards, two touchdown passes and two interceptions. No game is ever perfect but there is one play that the veteran quarterback would love to have back. 

"The second interception, definitely,” Garoppolo said on Wednesday. “I got greedy with it, kind of put something in my head that I thought it was gonna play out a certain way and certain things didn't happen, so it played out differently.

“But I just got greedy with it and instead of taking the check down and keep the ball moving, I got greedy.”
The turnover occurred in the middle of the third quarter during the 49ers' second drive of the half. After three consecutive positive plays for the offense, including a 21-yard pass play to Brandon Aiyuk, Garoppolo attempted to go deep to George Kittle but was picked off by Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs. 

On the ensuing drive, Seattle scored a touchdown and took their first lead of the second half. Neither team would score in the remainder of the game. While it left a bad taste in his mouth, Garoppolo shared that the team has to move on quickly in order to prepare for their next trip to the East Coast. 


“Definitely bothered me,” Garoppolo said. “It's more of just the first 24 hours after the game. I try to, you know, be hard on myself, grade everything like I normally would. And then once you hit that certain point, you’ve got to move on to the next week. 

"Cincinnati's coming quick. We'll leave on Friday, so feels like a short, different week for us. But yeah, whenever you come off a game like that, you always want to bounce back this week and perform the right way.”

The 49ers offense was shut out in the second half after two turnovers and offense sputtering. It wasn’t until the final drive of the game when Garoppolo and the offense put together a 12-play, 95-yard drive (net-115 with 20 yards in penalties) that got them within striking distance at the Seattle 2-yard line but unable to score.

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Garoppolo is already in full preparation mode for the Bengals but in describing his second interception in Seattle, it’s easy to see that it still bothers the quarterback. Without causing two turnovers, it would seem the 49ers should have been able to come away from Seattle victorious over a beat-up Seahawks squad. 

It won’t get any easier for Garoppolo facing the 7-5 Bengals in Week 14. The veteran quarterback has already been back at the drawing board evaluating and preparing as to not make the same mistakes again.

“The coaches do their grading process,” Garoppolo said. “I kind of have my own system of going back through things. You try to replay the play in your head, how you saw it. Did you do everything the correct way? What did you miss? Where did the error occur? And you just kind try to go back through that process and figure things out that way and it's done well for me in the past.”

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