Cowherd says he, 49ers GM Lynch exchanged texts on Lance

/ by Alex Didion
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Colin Cowherd has been high on No. 3 overall pick Trey Lance throughout the pre-draft process, and said Friday that 49ers general manager John Lynch was among the NFL executives he reached out to about Lance after he "ran into" the quarterback while he was working out in Los Angeles.

"After meeting him, it's funny, I sent a text to a few GMs that I thought may have a chance to get him, one of them John Lynch," Cowherd said on his podcast Friday. "So I text John, I say 'hey I just met Trey Lance, I don't know what you're doing with the No. 3 pick, blah blah blah blah blah, totally impressed, humble, what a great kid. And John's like 'thanks Colin!'"

Cowherd said he never heard back from Lynch until draft night, when he got a simple text from the 49ers GM.

"Then after the third pick tonight, I get a couple of fist bumps texted to me by John Lynch. So I know I had no influence, but nonetheless it made me laugh. John's a great guy, and I actually think it's the right pick."

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Lynch said leading up to the draft that 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was going to have final say on who the team selected at No. 3, and all of the 49ers' front office staff likely got plenty of texts from different people around the league about who the team should take third overall.


Shanahan ultimately chose Lance, and now the futures of both the 49ers' head coach and general manager will be tied to the level of success Lance achieves in the NFL.

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