Katie Sowers is no stranger to stepping up and taking charge. 

She made history by becoming the first woman and first openly gay coach ever to coach in the Super Bowl with the 49ers in Miami. She continues to make an impact, not only on the sports world, but also in the local community as well during the coronavirus outbreak.

“I’m doing some Cameos to try and raise money for Meals on Wheels San Francisco,” Sowers said on Cameo in a recent video. “There are some crazy times right now. Get your Cameos in and I’ll get some messages out to the people you love to raise money for a good cause.”

Cameo is a website/app where fans could request video messages from a public figure. Sowers said in her profile that all of the money raised for requests will go to Meals on Wheels, in San Francisco.

Meals on Wheels is a program dedicated to providing elderly folks with nutritious meals as well as safety checks for homebound seniors. 

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Sowers joins the Bay Area athlete movement in giving back to the community amid the coronavirus pandemic. 


For now, the NFL hasn’t announced any delays for the 2020 season. NFL free agency has come and gone, and the NFL Draft still will occur as scheduled in April, but reportedly will be held via studio and no longer will occur in Las Vegas. 

In the meantime, Sowers is doing her part to help during this unprecedented time.