49ers' Kendrick Bourne strives to 'be legendary,' writes out goals


Do you have any goals? OK, let me rephrase, do you have any attainable goals?

49ers wide receiver Kendrick Bourne sure does. And he keeps them within eyesight.

The 24-year-old hand-wrote some of those on his mirror:

(I put the list in here verbatim because I've always wanted to put stars in an article)

*Be a starter!
*Always be a leader!
*Wake up early
*Win a Super Bowl
*1K WR
*Be legendary

He’s well on his way to most of those, especially with how much he heightens the 49ers' offense. 

Bourne already has helped the team make it to the Super Bowl, but next season he could play a more pivotal role.

In 2019, he and Deebo Samuel helped the 49ers put on an offensive show. Pro Football Focus noted that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had a 121.1 passer rating when he would target Bourne. That’s really good -- like ninth-best among receivers, good.  

It’ll only get better. 

Bourne and Jimmy G have created quite a strong bond. It might have taken a bit of time for the wide receiver to find his bearings, but the chemistry was created. The past with both of them playing at FCS schools helped, which Bourne admitted was a key factor in their relationship.

“He always tries to make himself be better, and that's how our whole team is,” Bourne said of Garoppolo. “That's why we've played top-tier football."


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Last season, Bourne finished with five touchdowns on 358 yards. But with the amount of offseason work on top of everything he built last season, he should be checking off some of those goals in no time. 

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