Juice will support whoever gets 49ers' QB starting job in 2021


We’re not entirely sure who will be the 49ers' starting quarterback in 2021, but the team’s fullback, Kyle Juszczyk, doesn’t anticipate changing his game plan no matter who ends up inside the pocket.

"As it stands now, Jimmy [Garoppolo] is still on the roster," Juszczyk said on an episode of the Fantasy Footballers podcast (h/t 49ers Webzone). "So, I anticipate that he's most likely going to start the season off for us. Don't know that's necessarily the case or not, but it's kind of what I'm envisioning, maybe like the Alex Smith to Patrick Mahomes transition. I could see that being feasible, but I don't know. 

Juszczyk has said before that he believes Garoppolo will be the 49ers' quarterback in 2021, and he will bring the team back to their winning ways after having a tough 2020 season that was riddled with injury. 

“We're just going to have to take it in stride, and I'm going to support whoever's under center, whether it's Jimmy or a rookie quarterback,” Juszczyk said. "I think, either way, we're going to be successful."

"So, excited about that, but like I said, you never know how it's going to translate. And also, just from the personal side, Jimmy [Garoppolo] has been a great friend and a great teammate,” Juszczyk added. "When he's healthy, he's been a great player for us."


When Jimmy G is the 49ers starter, the team is 22-8 in the regular season, and he did help lift the team toward the Super Bowl in 2019. That tends to be forgotten with the upcoming NFL draft and rumors swirling about what a trade for the Jimmy G's services would be worth.

Garoppolo is not necessarily on the trading block, but if a team were to make an offer they couldn’t refuse, they’ll listen. 

“You feel different ways about that, but, at the end of the day, as a player, you just have to put all your faith into Kyle [Shanahan] and [John] Lynch, that they're making the best decision for the team,” Juszczyk added.

Both head coach Shanahan and general manager Lynch have made it very clear Jimmy G will be their starting quarterback in 2021, but as we know, until that first game is played, anything could happen.

The 49ers traded to acquire the No. 3 overall pick in the upcoming draft, which will go toward snagging a quarterback.

That could be Alabama quarterback Mac Jones, Ohio States quarterback Justin Fields or North Dakota State’s Trey Lance.

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Both Fields and Lance will have workout sessions in front of the 49ers in the coming weeks.

But whether it's one of the rookie QBs or Garoppolo under center to start the 2021 season, Juszczyk will have his back. 

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