Shanahan livid after controversial Armstead face mask penalty

Colt McCoy, Arik Armstead

The 49ers thought they had the Arizona Cardinals stopped on a drive near the end of the first quarter at Levi's Stadium on Sunday.

The Cardinals had a third-and-9 on the 49ers' 49-yard line when Arik Armstead sacked quarterback Colt McCoy for a 6-yard loss. However, the refs threw a penalty flag and called the 49ers' defensive lineman for a 15-yard facemask.

According to the ref, Armstead put his hand within McCoy's facemask. But replays show the complete opposite. Armstead's hand went around McCoy's neck, not into his facemask.

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was understandably upset.

The FOX Sports' broadcast team of Kevin Kugler and Mark Sanchez watched several replays and believed the penalty shouldn't have been called on Armstead.

"Oh, what a break for Arizona," Kugler said.

"This is a major break," Sanchez said. "I don't know. He didn't hang on to it. Looks like the Cardinals are going to get away with one here."

"Kyle Shanahan is hot," Kugler said. "He is out on the field, stomping the sidelines. He is livid."

"I would be too," Sanchez said. "That's a little ticky tack."

On the next play, the Cardinals completed a pass down to the 1-yard line and then James Connor took a hand-off into the end zone to give the Cardinals a 14-0 lead over the 49ers.

Shanahan surely still will be furious when he is asked about the call after the game.