49ers' Shanahan 'very happy' Julio traded to AFC, out of NFC

Julio Jones

Kyle Shanahan's dream scenario of course would have been reuniting with star receiver Julio Jones and bringing him to the 49ers. 

But that didn't happen.

Jones instead was traded from the Atlanta Falcons to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. While Shanahan admitted he would have loved to have added Jones to his roster, he also found some silver linings. 

"I'm very glad he's in the AFC," Shanahan said Sunday when asked about the trade. "Good day." 

"It would have been a hell of a deal," Shanahan added about trying to get Jones on the 49ers. "But my second-favorite choice is him being in the AFC. ... Number one, him not being in our division is a huge deal. The AFC is my second-favorite. Julio's the man, everyone knows how good he is. Tennessee got a hell of a player." 

Shanahan coached the seven-time Pro Bowl receiver for two seasons as the Falcons' offensive coordinator. Jones was named All-Pro for the first, and only, two times in his career when playing under Shanahan. He led the NFL in receiving yards per game in both of those seasons, and led the NFL in receptions and receiving yards his first year in Shanahan's offense. 

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The good news is Jones is out of the NFC, and didn't land with a team like the Seattle Seahawks. 

The bad news is Jones isn't a Niner, and the 49ers will face the Titans on a Thursday night in Week 16.  



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