Shanahan swaps hat vs. Rams, but red trucker still retired


After two straight losses, Kyle Shanahan is doing what he can to change the 49ers' luck.

That includes changing up his headwear, but it stops short of him wearing the one that some 49ers fans would like to see him wear.

As many 49ers reporters observed ahead of Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Rams, Shanahan is not wearing the same grey hat he wore during the 49ers' first five games. They went 2-3 during that stretch.

Shanahan told reporters in the lead-up to Week 6 that he hadn't considered changing up his hat this season. To borrow a phrase from a certain regional manager at a paper company: Shanahan didn't sound superstitious, but he seemed a little stitious.

"If I thought the color of my hat would help us play better football, I promise you, I'd never take that off," Shanahan said. "So, I understand the question, but I live a little more in reality than that."

Rick James would be envious of Shanahan's restraint in changing his mind.

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On Sunday, Shanahan's reality included wearing a hat of a different color. If the black hat does the trick and the 49ers win, it sounds like he will have a new, permanent staple in his wardrobe.

If it doesn't, maybe he could try a fedora?