49ers Mailbag: Is Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams pick at No. 2?

49ers Mailbag: Is Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams pick at No. 2?

Most of the questions have been answered through the first couple weeks of the new league year.

What are the 49ers going to do about a stack linebacker? Kwon Alexander.

What are they going to do about the defensive backfield? Jimmie Ward and Jason Verrett.

What are the 49ers going to do about an edge rusher? Dee Ford + draft.

What are they going to do at wide receiver? Jordan Matthews + draft.

And that’s a good jumping-off point for this edition of 49ers Mailbag with questions that were submitted via Facebook.

So far there is no No.1 WR on our team. Do you see a signing? (Manoj Chopra)
How likely are the 49ers to go after the top WR in the draft? (Brian Lampson)
Free agency is probably the least-effective route to get route-runners. Coach Kyle Shanahan seems to like Matthews, whom the 49ers signed to a one-year contract.

One thing that's been proven is that teams do not need a No. 1 wide receiver to win championships. The 49ers have a darn-good tight end. George Kittle is the 49ers' No. 1 receiver. They just need a good balance on the outside to enable Shanahan to run his offense.

The 49ers had no interest in Antonio Brown. They wanted Odell Beckham. If they can get a receiver, such as A.J. Green, they would certainly pursue that option. A "No. 1 receiver" is not necessary for success, but an upgrade is an offseason goal for the 49ers.

Matthews joins a receiving corps that includes Dante Pettis, Marquise Goodwin, Trent Taylor, Kendrick Bourne and Richie James.

The 49ers traded the Nos. 59 and 74 picks last year to move up 15 slots to select Pettis. He should be a starter. All the other spots are wide open. The 49ers could use the No. 36 pick on a wideout.

Some team will over-draft D.K. Metcalf. That’s probably just fine with the 49ers. There should be plenty of options available when the 49ers pick in the second round. A.J. Brown and Deebo Samuel are legitimate options.

Do you think the Niners will keep both CJ and Mullens? If not what are realistic trade value and landing spots for them? (Jason Massey)
Although the 49ers have reason to like both Beathard and Mullens, it is difficult to believe that either has significant trade value around the NFL.

The 49ers’ roster is better. The depth is better. So, although it makes sense to keep both quarterbacks on the 53-man roster behind Jimmy Garoppolo, it becomes more difficult to retain a third QB at the expense of a player at another position.

That said, I think the 49ers will find a way to keep those three QBs in the building this season. Of course, they hope that Garoppolo remains healthy and they never again need to see Beathard or Mullens on the field.

What record would the Niners need to have to consider Lynch and Shanahan safe? (John Sheffer)
There is no answer to that question. Coaches and GMs are rarely fired only because of their records. There are many other factors.

Coaches are fired when people lose faith in them. They are fired when things get bad in the locker room and throughout the organization. That's when ownership determines a change is needed to get the organization rolling in the right direction.

It’s not the record. It’s how the team got to the record. Did the team underachieve? Were there coaching reasons why the team did not win an extra couple of games? For instance, the 49ers won four games last season. If I had told you before the season that the 49ers would win only four games, you would have thought one thing about the coaching staff. But if you then learned about the injuries, then you would realize that the record was, by and large, unavoidable.

Does Joe Staley retire after this season? Are the 49ers actively looking for a replacement? (Eduardo Sanhueza)
My guess is Staley plays two or three more seasons. The replacement at left tackle might already be on the roster. His name is Mike McGlinchey. As far as the next in line to then take over at right tackle, that would be Shon Coleman. The 49ers could add help for the offensive line, but that would likely be a Day 3 pick in the draft.

What is Kyle thinking about carrying 4 RBs into the season? (Leighton Pahukula)
It’s all about depth.

Running backs take a pounding, so a team can never have too much depth – as the 49ers found out last season.

If Jerick McKinnon, Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert remain healthy, then Breida would likely be the odd-man out. Despite how well he played last season, Breida will have a difficult time breaking into that top three during the regular season. Of course, there is no guarantee that McKinnon will be the same player Shanahan envisioned in his offense before his ACL injury a year ago.

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Mostert will suit up for every game because he is one of the best special-teams players in the league. The No. 3 running back must contribute on special teams, and that’s Mostert’s forte.

Breida is a great insurance policy.

If they keep the pick is it Bosa or Williams? (Christian DeMeglio)
Nick Bosa.


That was easy.

Jalen Ramsey trade: Jaguars deal cornerback to Rams for draft picks


Jalen Ramsey trade: Jaguars deal cornerback to Rams for draft picks

The 49ers really messed with the Rams' heads.

In the wake of Los Angeles' 20-7 loss to San Francisco in Week 6, the Rams first traded cornerback Marcus Peters to the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday, and then made an even bigger move.

The Jaguars traded cornerback Jalen Ramsey to the Rams in exchange for two first-round and one fourth-round draft pick.

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Ramsey is arguably the best cornerback in the game, and has widely been rumored to be on the trade block ever since getting into a sideline confrontation with Jacksonville coach Doug Marrone in Week 2.

The All-Pro cornerback got his wish and got out of Jacksonville. The 49ers will see him in Week 16 when the Rams visit Levi's Stadium.

Why Rams' Jalen Ramsey trade will not close growing gap behind 49ers

Why Rams' Jalen Ramsey trade will not close growing gap behind 49ers

Two days after the unbeaten 49ers sent the Los Angeles Rams to their third consecutive loss, the two-time defending NFC West champions reacted.

The Rams traded away cornerback Marcus Peters -- who intercepted Jimmy Garoppolo in the end zone Sunday and acquired linebacker Kenny Young and a fifth-round draft pick. Then, the Rams put the finishing touches on a trade to acquire disgruntled cornerback Jalen Ramsey from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Rams sent first-round picks in 2020 and ’21 to Jacksonville, along with a fourth-round selection in ’21.

When Ramsey asked for a trade last month, the 49ers were not interested in paying the price, NBC Sports Bay Area reported. General manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan were not willing to give up the high draft picks, coupled with the big contract that Ramsey will be seeking when his contract expires.

Ramsey is a great player, of course. He scheduled to make $13.7 million in 2020, the final year of his deal. The Rams are parting ways with two first-round draft picks for a player they have under contract for only one-and-a-half seasons.

If the 49ers’ 20-7 win over the Rams on Sunday showed anything, it’s that the Rams need a lot of help in front of quarterback Jared Goff. The 49ers’ defensive line thoroughly overmatched the Los Angeles offensive line. Goff looked shaken and unsteady. The Rams managed just 48 net passing yards.

The Rams have an obvious need on their offensive line -- especially with Andrew Whitworth, a 14-year veteran, lining up at left tackle. This could be the end of the road for him.

With the college game producing a dearth of offensive linemen, any team that needs help at tackle must invest a high draft pick to get a talented player at that position.

Los Angeles made the decision to acquire one of the league’s best cornerbacks for the next one-and-a-half seasons at the expense of, potentially, beefing up their offensive line with a player who could provide a counter-balance to the 49ers’ strength on the defensive line.

Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead have reason to be excited about facing this collection of Rams offensive linemen for a while.

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Can Ramsey cover tight end George Kittle? That’s about the only way Ramsey can help the Rams in head-to-head matchups against the 49ers.

Lynch and Shanahan have put together a long-term plan designed at doing their best to ensure the 49ers can remain competitive on a yearly basis. This trade by an NFC West opponent is a big step toward them achieving that goal.