McGlinchey has new mental and physical outlook in 2021

Mike McGlinchey

SANTA CLARA — Mike McGlinchey has started 2021 with a new approach, both physically and mentally. 

At first glance, the 49ers right tackle looks more formidable than he did in 2020. The 6-foot-8 lineman has beefed up to regularly weigh between 315 and 320 pounds, quite a bit more than his 2020 playing weight. 

McGlinchey reported that he has to work hard to keep the weight on and has received help from Dustin Perry and the team’s nutrition and training staff to do it the right way. Previously the tackle felt weighing a little less allowed him to have more speed for the outside zone scheme the 49ers use, but the lighter weight also had its disadvantages. 

Facing the bull-rush was more challenging at a lighter weight. Now, the added pounds have given McGlinchey an added confidence as well. 

“It’s about 25 pounds heavier than last year,” McGlinchey said on Saturday. “COVID was tough on me, tough on the resources, tough on getting into gyms, it was tough on making sure that [weight] stays up. It’s something that has given me more mental confidence. Definitely feeling good, my body is feeling it after the first week.” 

McGlinchey wanted to make sure he did not lose his edge in the run game while adding bulk to his frame. He and the training staff believe they have found the right balance which requires meals every two to three hours as well as a six-day per week weight training program from January through April. 


But weight isn’t all that McGlinchey added this offseason.

After a challenging 2020 with COVID-19 changing nearly every aspect of how the 49ers operated, the Notre Dame product sought out Derin McMains, a mental sports performance coach.  

“The most frustrating part of my season last year was how I handled it mentally,” McGlinchey said. “I don’t think I did my job in that regard. I didn’t let myself overcome mistakes, the trials of tribulations as a team. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself and it got in the way of me being able to do my job at a high level. 

“It was a big focal point this offseason. I had to get my head right. I feel as though I did that, and I’m excited to continue to grow in that regard and challenge myself to get better and not let myself slip back into old habits.”

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The right tackle met with McMains once a week during the offseason and the two have become great friends. They communicate less now that training camp has started, but McGlinchey has gained a valuable perspective and focus on the game. 

“It was a great offseason,” McGlinchey said. “I dedicated a lot of stuff to it. I’m proud of it, I’m proud of the way we worked with my staff and I’m ready to get the ball rolling.” 

McGlinchey is looking forward to the team’s first padded practice on Tuesday where the “real football “begins.  

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