Bosa will set his friendship with Burrow aside on Sunday


SANTA CLARA -- Nick Bosa and Joe Burrow will put their friendship aside on Sunday when they see each other in Cincinnati. 

The star pass rusher made it no secret that he would like to increase his quarterback sack totals when the 49ers and Bengals meet in Week 13. Bosa and Burrow have been friends since they attended Ohio State together in 2016 and 2017. 

“He is a good friend of mine and I definitely want to hit him a few times,” Bosa said on Thursday. 

After two years together as Buckeyes, Bosa left college to enter the NFL Draft and Burrow transferred to LSU. Sunday will be the first time the two will see each other on an NFL field since being drafted. 

It is a little out of the norm for offensive players to become close friends with guys who play on the other side of the ball but Bosa explained that it happened organically.

"We were all teammates so we kind of get along,” Bosa said. “He was a year older and we were all in the same dorm. So, me and my roommate became good friends with their group — Joe, Sam Hubbard and a few other guys.

“We spent a lot of time together that second year and became good friends.” 

Even now, Bosa and Burrow play video games with each other online including PUBG - Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds and Rocket League. The latter of the two games was one that Bosa played throughout college but didn’t interest Burrow at the time. 

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It could be called competitive nature but the Bengals play caller has recently become quite good at Bosa’s favorite game and it could be a metaphor for the quarterback’s success coming back from a gruesome ACL injury. 

“He started playing it recently and whatever he decides to do he’s pretty obsessed and good at, so he’s pretty darn good at it.” Bosa said.

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