Bosa still driven to improve in best season with 49ers


SANTA CLARA — Nick Bosa is already having a career-best season but with six regular season games left, he knows there is more work to be done. 

The 49ers star pass rusher has recorded 11 sacks on the season which is two more than in 2019 when he was named Defensive Rookie of the Year. Bosa has been working on refining his craft, often talking with Trent Williams about technique, but mostly he has been trying to keep it simple. 

“I was just thinking today why I haven’t missed as many sacks this year as 2019,” Bosa said on Thursday. “I always thought that in 2019 I needed to do more drills where I’m actually taking down the quarterback and I always thought ‘What is he going to do?’ when I get through and it’s just me and him. 

“It’s not about me doing things differently, it’s about me playing more, and it kind of just happened. I’ve been more efficient with that. I was trying to correct things that didn’t really need correcting." 

One thing that the Ohio State product prides himself on is his handwork. Bosa shared that the fundamentals of his handwork come from his time under Larry Johnson who was his defensive line coach in college. The two still keep in touch. 

Handwork is also what Bosa and Williams spend a lot of time discussing and working on physically. Kyle Shanahan sees the two often discussing how to get better and is blown away by what he overhears. 


“I think Nick’s one of the smarter players I’ve ever been around,” Shanahan said on Wednesday. “He’s extremely talented. But just the detail, he looks into everything. If you ever sit and listen to him and Trent Williams just have a conversation about one pass rush move. 

“I mean, I barely can see it all and then you hear them talk about 25 different things that happened in three seconds. And you see the technical stuff that he’s always on, so the more he goes against guys, the more he studies tape, not everyone’s like that, but he soaks in a lot and he applies to his game, which has been real impressive.”

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Bosa changed his nutritional approach during the offseason and has leaned out but not lost any strength, which was important. The edge rusher has said he feels lighter and faster which has helped his production. 

Bosa will be looking to record his second career sack of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson on Sunday

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