49ers practice at Levi's with BLM message loud and clear

NBC Sports Bay Area

The 49ers took the field at Levi's Stadium for the first time in training camp Friday, as coach Kyle Shanahan aimed to prepare the team for what game conditions will be like without fans.

There also was a clear message of "Black Lives Matter" on the big screen while the team practiced.


In light of the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man in Kenosha, Wis., Shanahan has followed the 49ers players' lead in how they wanted to take action. While the NBA, WNBA, MLS and teams across MLB postponed games, the 49ers did not cancel any practices, as the players felt that was not something they wanted to do.

Shanahan stressed that the team holds an open-door policy and that if any players wanted to take time off, it would be excused.

"I feel like this place is a little bit of a sanctuary for us where you can come in and be yourself," Shanahan told reporters Thursday. "We have a very authentic relationship between everyone in our building. 

“It’s a place you don’t really have to walk around on eggshells. You can just be yourself and I feel that’s been good for our players.”

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Friday's practice at Levi's serves as the 49ers' first dress rehearsal for game day, which Shanahan plans to use to test the tablets, headsets and game-day operations.