The 49ers are getting their Super Bowl game plan together. The team compared it to Christmas morning with a fresh packet of new plays to run in Miami against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In addition to the prep, the team needs to practice. For the most part, the players are saying they want to continue executing what they did during the regular season, but practices have a spicy new addition: the music.

The 49ers are taking their talents to South Beach, which naturally makes you think of Will Smith's famous 1997 hit, "Miami." The team embraced the song during one of its recent practices:

It's cute, yes -- and very appropriate for the big game.

No, you didn't ask for any suggestions to add to the Super Bowl playlist, but I will provide them anyway: 

- Enrique Iglesias: "Move to MIAMI" 

- Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine: "Conga"

- Pitbull: "Welcome to MIAMI"

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Yep -- they can't head down to Miami without Estefan on their playlist.

The 49ers face the Chiefs on Feb. 2 in Super Bowl LIV. And it's nice to see that no matter how much work they have ahead of them, they're staying loose and relaxed heading into the big game. 

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