49ers QB Purdy optimistic after making difficult surgery decision


Brock Purdy's decision to have surgery to repair a torn UCL in his right elbow wasn't easy. 

After suffering the injury in the first quarter of the 49ers' NFC Championship Game loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the rookie quarterback took some time to decide what's best for his career, and he chose earlier this week to undergo the repair, which likely will sideline him for six months.

Purdy detailed his decision and his confidence in the surgeon who will perform the procedure Thursday on joined KNBR 680's "Papa & Lund."

"In terms of the surgery, going down to Dallas for a surgeon named Keith Meister, well known, and he's the best at doing UCL repairs and surgeries and everything," Purdy said. "So, I trust him. He does like 200-plus of these a year, so one of the best of the best. So, in good hands."

The plan, for now, is to just repair Purdy's UCL while adding an internal brace. However, there's still a chance the injury might call for a hybrid procedure, which would include a brace and possibly ligament reconstruction.

"Everyone's saying it would be the best for just my career moving forward to get the surgery and get the repair with an internal brace," Purdy explained. "Still, there could be some question as to getting a hybrid surgery, which is reconstruction with the internal brace.


"So, we're going into it thinking the repair with the internal brace, for sure. All the surgeons have said that, and that's what we're hoping for, and get a six-month recovery in and be ready to [training] camp."

Although the consensus opinion is that Purdy likely will need just a repair, Dr. Meister and his team might call an audible during surgery if they believe more work is needed. If that's the case, Purdy trusts the right decision will be made for his career.

"Yeah, that's Dr. Meister's call," Purdy added. "He's done this year after year with the best of the best with MLB pitchers. So, he's definitely seen this kind of thing happen, and he's going to make the best call, and not just for the heck of it. It's obviously for the best call for my career moving forward. And he knows what's best, and he's going to make the best decision for us, so it'll be good."

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Players oftentimes have surgery immediately after suffering a serious injury. That wasn't the case with Purdy, who was instructed to wait and let the inflammation in his elbow subside before having the procedure.

"That's what a lot of the surgeons said is the best way, the best option, so that's how we're rolling with it," Purdy explained. "And yeah, they said I'll be able to start throwing and get onto a program after three months or so and then be ready come [training] camp."

So, if all goes well, Purdy will need just a repair, not a reconstruction, and the initial six-month timeline will allow him the chance to compete for the 49ers' starting quarterback job in training camp alongside third-year pro Trey Lance.

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