49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo working out with receivers right now


Jimmy Garoppolo isn't wasting any time. As teammates have defended their quarterback from naysayers this offseason, the quarterback is getting ready to lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl once again. 

The 49ers now have a deep, yet somewhat unproven group of receivers going into the 2020 NFL season. Garoppolo is making sure he has chemistry with faces old and new this offseason. 

On Tuesday, the 49ers QB was seen throwing passes to Kendrick Bourne at San Jose State University. In a video of Garoppolo throwing passes to Bourne, the QB also isn't wearing the knee brace he wore last season after tearing his ACL in the 2018 season.

Bourne isn't the only receiver Garoppolo has been throwing passes to. He is part of a group that also includes Trent Taylor, Jalen Hurd and Shawn Poindexter coming back from injury, as well as Dante Pettis who is looking to put together a comeback season. 

“It’s not like we’re just running routes and going home,” Taylor said to The Athletic's Matt Barrows in a phone interview. “There’s a lot of talking, learning from the quarterback’s perspective and the receiver’s perspective.

"So I think it’s real beneficial for us.”

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After the 49ers acquired Garoppolo is 2017, Taylor quickly became one of his favorite targets as a rookie. Garoppolo completed 17 of his 20 pass attempts to Taylor for 191 yards. He also had a 102.3 QB rating when targeting Taylor. 


But Taylor missed all last season after undergoing five foot surgeries. There's good news, though. Taylor is back to sprinting, turning and cutting as he catches passes from Garoppolo. 

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“I’m back to doing all my normal stuff,” Taylor said to Barrows. “I don’t know if you would say that I’m ready to go out and play a football game. I mean, I could if I had to. But mainly, I’m just steadily getting back to normal right now.

"It feels good. My foot’s able to run routes and make cuts right now. So I’m real happy to be back doing that.”

Taylor is just one of a handful of players returning from injury that can make Garoppolo and the 49ers even better this upcoming season.