Richard Sherman was wise to include the clause in his contract that would pay him a $1 million bonus for being named a Pro Bowl starter. Now that he has earned it, he's sticking to the wise decisions.

So what does the 49ers' standout cornerback plan to do with his bonus? Sherman told reporters Wednesday that he plans to put it back into the market.

"It's getting invested in something that gives me a decent return," Sherman said. "So the kids will end up having it to enjoy. I don't get to spend it."

Well, that's not exactly the most exciting decision, but chances are Sherman didn't make it alone. After all, it wasn't even his idea to include the Pro Bowl bonus clause in the contract he himself negotiated -- it was his wife's.

"It was her idea," Sherman told reporters. "We were sitting there kind of stalemated on the length of the deal and just the terms. I was like 'Let's just do a one and then we'll revisit it after one and we will see where everybody stands.' And then they were like 'We want a longer term deal but just not too long.'

"[The 49ers] wanted some security and we wanted some security. And they were like 'If you're the player that we know you are then it'll work out. The incentives will come into play and you'll make the money you deserve to make.' But I said 'If I do that I still won't have any security for the next year.' And my wife was like 'Well, why don't you just make the Pro Bowl and the things that trigger him to get those incentives, guaranteeing his next year's deal? Because if he's making the Pro Bowl or he's making All-Pro, it means he's playing like the player you guys thought he was, and it should work our perfectly.'"


"They agreed. That's why I signed the deal."

Next season, Sherman will be on the final year of the three-year contract he signed with San Francisco prior to the 2018 season. As a result of being named a Pro Bowl starter, his 2020 salary not only has been increased, but now becomes fully guaranteed on April 1.

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Given the extremely high level Sherman has performed at this season, it wouldn't be surprising to see him negotiate another contract for himself in the near future.

If he does, though, you can bet it will include another bonus clause or two.