49ers rookie Kinlaw was huge baby, but not biggest on team

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SANTA CLARA -- Rookie Javon Kinlaw might currently be the biggest player on the 49ers' roster, but a teammate has him beat when it comes to how much they weighed at birth. 

Kinlaw, who is listed at 6-foot-5 and 319 pounds, is noticeably bigger than anyone else on the practice field. Nick Bosa described him as “one of the biggest humans I’ve ever seen in person.” 

Kinlaw revealed on Tuesday that he weighed a whopping 10 pounds and eight ounces at birth. 

Not much later, George Kittle chimed in with a surprising -- and slightly jealous -- response. Kittle apparently weighed two ounces more than Kinlaw at birth. 

Kittle obviously has turned out just fine, recently inking the biggest tight end contract in NFL history. Kinlaw now outweighs the 6-foot-4, 250-pound tight end by nearly 70 pounds. 

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Kinlaw is used to being known for his stature, but also notes that it will take more than that for him to succeed in the NFL. 

"I think probably all my life I’ve been the biggest guy,” Kinlaw said. “That’s nothing new. Honestly coming in, I thought I was going to be another guy. But I’m coming in looking, and I’m like, ‘Ok dang, I’m the biggest guy.’” 

This might lead to an investigation into who was the largest among all of the 49ers players at birth.