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49ers sign five picks, undrafted players on minicamp eve

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The 49ers signed five draft picks and five undrafted rookies Thursday on the eve of the 49ers’ first practice of rookie minicamp.

Each of the drafted rookies signed the mandatory four-year contract. The 49ers signed guards Aaron Banks and Jaylon Moore, defensive backs Deommodore Lenoir and Talanoa Hufanga, and running back Elijah Mitchell.

The following undrafted rookies signed three-year contracts: Linebacker Justin Hilliard (Ohio State), tight end Josh Pederson (Louisiana Monroe), Elijah Sullivan (Kansas State) and Austin Watkins Jr. (UAB).

The 49ers also signed international offensive lineman Alfredo Gutierrez (Tecnológico de Monterrey), who is assured of holding an extra spot on the team's practice squad this season.

The draft picks have slotted salaries with their four-year contracts.

Banks, a second-round pick from Notre Dame, is scheduled to earn $7.1 million over four years.

Moore, a fifth-round selection from Western Michigan, is set to make $3.8 million over the life of his contract.

Lenoir, a fifth-round pick from Oregon, is scheduled to earn $3.76 million.

Hufanga, a fifth-round pick from USC, is scheduled to earn $3.72 million.

Mitchell, a sixth-round pick from Louisiana, will make $3.66 million on his deal.

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With the wave of signings, the 49ers have only three draft picks who remain unsigned: quarterback Trey Lance (first round), and running back Trey Sermon and cornerback Ambry Thomas, both third-round picks.

Unsigned draft picks are allowed to take part in the team's offseason program. However, unsigned picks are not eligible to report to training camp in the summer.

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