49ers still cringe while watching film from brutal SB loss


SANTA CLARA -- At the beginning of 49ers training camp Nick Bosa admitted he still hadn’t re-watched the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV, but that may have changed. 

Trent Williams and Kendrick Bourne weren’t specific on what part of the game film from that heartbreaking loss they watched before practice on Saturday, but they both revealed that there was a feeling in the team meeting that was a bit uncomfortable. 

“Just how many chances we had that’s what crushes us so bad,” Bourne said. “That’s all you can ask for, is a chance, and we had about three to put the game away, offense and defense wise. and we just didn’t finish.”  

As the final seconds ticked down in Miami Gardens, George Kittle vowed he would be back. Many already have dubbed 2020 the 49ers' revenge season. Richard Sherman has shared how players have been more locked in during training camp with the results of the Super Bowl fresh on their minds.

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Williams, who can look at the game more objectively, still could sense the tension in the room.  

“Even now watching the film from the Super Bowl, I can feel the cringe every time that film comes on,” Williams said. "Everybody still is pretty much holding a grudge about the last game and they can’t wait to get out there and start that quest again.”


Williams couldn’t be more happy to be a part of the retribution, loving the level of motivation and drive he feels from his teammates. Watching film from the game might be what’s necessary to keep the fire burning. 

Always the positive one, Bourne sees how the game can be used as a lesson, keeping everyone grounded. 

“I just feel like everything happens for a reason though,” Bourne said. “More motivation for us not getting too big-headed in situations like, that or being too cocky. Felt like we were going to win, up 10 points with the ball. 

“When you get that type of mindset things tend to go the other way. It just sucks to lose.”