49ers trade Trent Brown to Patriots

49ers trade Trent Brown to Patriots

The 49ers and New England Patriots on Friday morning did some more business together. This time, the 49ers sent a player to the Patriots.

The 49ers traded right tackle Trent Brown and a fifth-round pick (No. 143 overall) to the Patriots for a third-round pick (No. 95), the 49ers announced.

“We want to thank Trent for his service and contributions to our team and wish him all the best in New England,” 49ers general manager John Lynch said in a statement.

Brown became expendable on Thursday when the 49ers selected Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey with the No. 9 overall pick. McGlinchey will help protect quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, whom the 49ers acquired in an October trade from the Patriots for a second-round draft pick.

The draft continues Friday with the second and third rounds. The 49ers now have three scheduled picks in the third round.

Brown is entering the final year of his contract. He entered the league as a seventh-round draft pick from Florida. Brown is currently rehabbing from shoulder surgery. Brown is expected to be cleared for the opening of training camp.

Brown's size and athleticism has led to a lot of praise outside the building. Denver Broncos pass-rusher Von Miller called Brown the best right tackle in the league. But the 49ers had concerns about Brown's commitment to physical conditioning, film study, work habits and learning his assignments.

First round (No. 9): OT Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame
Second round: No. 59 overall (from New Orleans)
Third round: No. 70 (own pick)
Third round: No. 74 overall (from Chicago)
Third round: No. 94 overall (from New England)
Fourth round: No. 128 overall (from Pittsburgh)
Sixth round: No. 184 (own pick)
Seventh round: No. 223 overall (from Miami)
Seventh round: No. 240 overall (from Kansas City)

49ers female assistant coach Katie Sowers sees progression in sports

NBC Sports Bay Area

49ers female assistant coach Katie Sowers sees progression in sports

The 49ers have an offensive assistant coach who works hard and brings personality no matter what.

Her name is Katie Sowers, and she's the second woman to hold a full-time NFL coaching position. She's also the first openly gay coach in the NFL.

She's aware of the grind of her job, the long hours dedicated to her job. She attends the meetings, she watches the film, and she stays up late studying the 49ers opponents. 

Her aspirations are big as well, and by the looks of it, attainable.

"I see myself as a head coach someday," she said to NBC Sports.

Sowers also said people may think that sounds crazy, but it's been a progression.

"If we look back at the way that we've built society, we have so many gender norms." 

After all, she said, people would have been shocked to know women and men could play with the same rules in basketball.

But here they are ...

"Me being a woman I don't think makes that big of a difference," she adds. "Not all male coaches are the same, not all male coaches are going to be the same."

It appears Sowers has the respect of the team as well -- you can see they don't look at her any differently than they would any other of their coaches, teachers, or teammates.

The future certainly looks bright for her, and hopefully full of progress. 

Steelers owner says Antonio Brown trade talks will heat up in mid-March


Steelers owner says Antonio Brown trade talks will heat up in mid-March

If you're hoping the 49ers trade for All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown, you're going to have to wait a little while.

It likely won't happen next week or even next month.

ESPN reported Tuesday that Steelers owner and president Art Rooney II expects any trade discussions regarding Brown to occur around the start of the new league year on March 13.

So, be patient 49ers fans. This is a long process.

With so much time between now and March 13, is there a chance the Steelers and Brown could work out their differences? Not likely, according to Rooney, considering the two sides haven't spoken since the end of the regular season.

"I would have liked to have the opportunity to talk to him and understand where he is," Rooney told reporters in Pittsburgh. "Maybe that happens at some point. I'm very disappointed in where we are and what happened and don't have a lot of good explanations for it as we sit here today."

Brown used Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to fire back at former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians for labeling Brown a "diva." Brown was also asked about Rooney and said the Steelers clearly "feel indifferent about me."

Rooney, though, wasn't in the mood to talk badly about Brown.

"I'm not gonna sit here and disparage Antonio," Rooney told the reporters. "You have to remember he's been one of the most productive receivers in the league for a long time now. He's helped us win a lot of games over the last few years. Was it always done the way you'd like to see it done? No. But I don't think he was a major distraction to the team up until the last weekend of the season. The proof is in the pudding for the most part."