49ers training camp Day One impressions


Some observations from day one of 49ers training camp:

-Despite Jim Harbaugh proclaiming that all the backup quarterbacks were even, Colin Kaepernick ran with the second team, Scott Tolzien ran with the third team, and Josh Johnson ran with the fourth team (Thats not officialthats just how it appeared from watching practice). To my untrained eye, none of the three looked particularly accuratethough Ill admit to seeing only the last 30 minutes of practice.

-Harbaugh said that HUGE Leonard Davis will line up at both guard spots.

-Even though there were no pads, Tavares Gooden laid a pretty noticeable shot on Anthony Dixon toward the end of practice.

-About thirty 49ers went right from the practice field to the weight tent for a post practice workout, including Randy Moss.

-Though hes not known in public as a jokester (the waysayClinton Portis was), Moss is apparently a very funny dude! Jim Harbaugh, Mario Manningham, Donte Whitner, and Alex Smith all raved about how hilarious he is in the locker room and on the practice field. I was surprised to hear them say who the second funniest guy on the team was: ferocious defensive end Justin Smith.

-I caught Bruce Miller juggling a soccer ball with his right footand I must say I was VERY impressed. He kept it going for a minute or more a couple of times.