Williams returned to 49ers for one key reason besides $138M


It’s a new league year, which means every NFL team is undefeated. But Trent Williams believes the 49ers are a big step ahead. 

Looking forward to 2021 with an 0-0 record, every team has a positive outlook, but one reason the eight-time Pro Bowler re-signed with the 49ers is because of their returning roster.

The 49ers dealt with an unprecedented number of injuries in 2020. But without them, the left tackle believes they would have played well into the postseason. 

“We sat back and watched that whole playoff run last year,” Williams said on Tuesday via video conference. “We watched the whole Super Bowl and I just know that if my team was intact we would be one of those teams that is either fighting for position or fighting for that Lombardi.”  

Along with a record-setting six-year $138 million contract for an NFL left tackle, Williams shared that lining up next to his talented teammates was incentive to return. Add playing in a system he is familiar with and coaches he sees as family and the decision seems like a no-brainer. 

The 49ers' 2021 roster a little more than a week into free agency has Williams enthusiastic to return to the field. Who the team selects in the 2021 NFL Draft will only add to their talent level. 

“Obviously it takes a little more than that and I feel everybody at this time of year is feeling very confident about their team, so take it with a grain of salt,” Williams said. “But I’ve been around a long time and I try not to fool myself. I can honestly look up and down this roster and there are playmakers from top to bottom.”  


Kyle Juszczyk coming back to join George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, Raheem Mostert, and Brandon Aiyuk -- to name a few -- sweetened the pot for Williams. The 49ers effectively have gotten the band back together on the defensive side as well. 

Watching Williams face off in 1-on-1s with edge rusher Nick Bosa was the highlight of the 49ers' 2020 training camp. The team brought back nearly all of its starting defensive line as well those who line up behind it. 

“Man, I’m excited and ecstatic,” Williams said. “I think we have every piece of the puzzle we need to win this division and win this conference.” 

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