49ers' Williams reveals why he's surprised by viral blocks


Trent Williams is a man of many impressive blocks. 

The 49ers' star left tackle is one of the best offensive linemen in the league, and goes viral almost weekly for his impressive blocks against opposing defenders.

In Week 1 against the Detroit Lions, another one of Williams' blocks went viral. 

Williams met with 49ers media Thursday afternoon, where he was asked which of his viral blocks have been his favorite so far. 

"The Cardinals (game) last year, it's hard to re-enact that one," Williams told reporters. "That's probably the first time in my career squaring a linebacker up like that. I think that would probably be my favorite, but honestly, I don't even know they go viral until I get to my phone and everybody is sending me clips and I'm like 'dang I did do that.' The game goes so fast that you have to be worried about the next play. It's hard for (offensive lineman) to sit there and celebrate."

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This is the block Williams is referring to: 

The 49ers re-signed Williams to a massive six-year, $138.06 million contract this offseason. 

If he continues to generate viral-worthy blocks, it'll certainly be money well spent for the 49ers. 

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