Williams explains how Lance is 'giving everybody confidence'


When the 49ers decided it was time to hand Trey Lance the starting quarterback position over veteran Jimmy Garoppolo, the 22-year-old likely had to convince the rest of his teammates that he’s the right guy to lead them to a Super Bowl.

After all, Lance is replacing Garoppolo, who took San Francisco to Super Bowl LIV in 2020 and the 2022 NFC Championship Game. Nonetheless, Trent Williams says the North Dakota State product gives the team belief during training camp that he’s the right guy.

“He’s given everybody confidence,” Williams told NFL Network on Tuesday. “He’s giving everybody confidence in his ability and his poise, the way he commands to huddle.”

Williams says that one way the team gains confidence in Lance under center is his ability to learn from mistakes and not repeat them. The veteran tackle understands that young quarterbacks will commit errors. However, Lance isn’t repeating his mistakes. 

“I’m impressed that he won’t make the same mistake twice,” Williams said. “And I think from a young quarterback, that’s all you can ask for because they’re going to make mistakes, and that’s part of the learning curve.”

“But if he’s not repeating those mistakes, I think we can be better as a team, and that’s what he’s showing us, and that’s why we’re confident in them.”

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Lance isn’t only attempting to gain the confidence of his teammates; he’s looking to build chemistry. One player that the young quarterback hopes to have a connection with is wide receiver Deebo Samuel, who believes their bond is progressing.


“It’s getting better by day,” Samuel said Tuesday after practice. “I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time with him as I wanted to, but it’s not hard … to be out there with Trey. He’s willing to learn, and I’m willing to learn as well.

“We’re just coming together as one and figuring it out.”

Lance’s progress during training camp hasn’t gone unnoticed by teammates as he continues to gain their confidence and build chemistry. 

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