49ers fans criticize FOX broadcast for 'San Fran' references


Bay Area natives -- especially those born in the city of San Francisco -- do not appreciate it being called "San Fran" in passing.

So when the Fox Sports duo of Brandon Gaudin and Jonathan Vilma continually used the slang term for the city during Sunday's 49ers-New York Jets broadcast, 49ers Twitter was less than thrilled.

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We've seen this before, as 49ers fans called out quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for talking about dining out in "San Fran" after being acquired in a trade from the New England Patriots.

Given the unrelenting wave of injuries that the 49ers experienced Sunday, it seems there are more important things to be complaining about, if you're a fan.

But for whatever reason, using "San Fran" or, God forbid, "Frisco" in the Bay Area is akin to fighting words.