'98 percent' of NFL teams think Jones to 49ers, Lombardi says

Mac Jones, Alabama

The 2021 NFL Draft is two weeks away, so that means it’s time to read the tea leaves.

Without having access to the 49ers’ in-house draft board, media members are keeping their ear to the ground for the latest rumblings. Michael Lombardi of The Athletic appeared on VSiN Thursday to share what he’s hearing about the 49ers and the No. 3 overall pick.

“I would say 98 percent of the league believes the 49ers are taking Mac Jones,” Lombardi said. “For all the talk about Justin Fields having a great workout, there’s people in the league that don’t think it was a great workout. Maybe those are the people who aren’t drafting a quarterback, but let’s leave Fields out of the conversation for a moment.”

For something as uncertain as the 49ers’ choice at No. 3, a 98 percent belief that Jones -- or anyone -- will be the pick sounds like hyperbole. Getting 98 percent consensus on Wilson to the New York Jets at No. 2? That sounds more reasonable.

But Lombardi is tapped into the league with decades of experience, so his reporting should carry some weight. Still, just because the NFL thinks the 49ers could zig, doesn’t mean they won’t zag.

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Trevor Lawrence and Wilson are expected to go off the board at the No. 1 and No. 2 selections, respectively. Then it gets interesting with the 49ers, who are expected to have their pick of Jones, Wilson and Trey Lance.


When Kyle Shanahan visited Jones’ pro day last week, the Alabama quarterback became the betting favorite to be the pick at No. 3. When Shanahan watched Fields throw at his Ohio State pro day, the former Buckeye became the new favorite, courtesy of our partner, PointsBet, to get picked by San Francisco.

In the end, the only people who really know are working for the team in Santa Clara. The rest is just speculation, but the 49ers are in a prime spot to get their future franchise quarterback at No. 3.

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