Ready for something extra cute? Sure you are.

Paper Stadiums builds models of stadiums using paper products and hand drawing each specific detail. He just made one fan's dreams come true.

One young 49ers and Giants fan requested a model of the historic Candlestick Park. Specifically, he wanted the football field with the baseball field still on it. Paper Stadiums was up for the task and delivered beautifully. 

This was how it went:

The original model was Candlestick Park, the baseball field where the Giants used to play, with a special add-on attachment of the football fixtures on top where the 49ers used to roam the field.

Everything from the endzones to the seats were complete with details as well as some old school radio calls in the background of the YouTube video for that extra special touch. Not sure if it protects from the wind as much as the original construction used to, but the rest holds true. 

The best part, however? The reveal.

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Candlestick Park has seen it’s fair share of historical moments from two MLB All-Star Games to eight NFC Championship Games. It saw what would be famously named “The Catch” and “The Catch II.” 

The final game was back in December of 2013 when the 49ers hosted the Atlanta Falcons. 


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