Baker Mayfield has perfect reaction to Richard Sherman handshake saga

Baker Mayfield has perfect reaction to Richard Sherman handshake saga

Give Baker Mayfield this, he's got a lot more restraint than most people.

The Browns star quarterback had one of his worst games in the NFL on Monday night, throwing for only 100 yards and two interceptions in the 49ers' 31-3 spanking of Cleveland at Levi's Stadium.

After the game, 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman ripped Mayfield for not shaking his hand during the coin toss, leading to the outrage mob dragging Mayfield up and down the internet. The only problem was video emerged showing Mayfield dapping up Sherman prior to the coin toss, clearing the quarterback's name and turning the mob on Sherman. 

The 2017 Heisman Trophy winner was able to laugh at himself Wednesday when asked about HandshakeGate, making a reference to the police video that showed him being arrested for public intoxication, disorderly conduct and fleeing and resisting arrest while in college.

"I know what I did," Mayfield said, via ESPN's Jake Trotter. "But that's the one time, you know, the camera and something recording me has gone in my favor."

Mayfield also made it clear he didn't mean any disrespect to Sherman by what the cornerback referred to as a "petty shake."

"I respect him and who he is as a player," Mayfield said. "He's a great player, has been for a while. In no way did I mean it like that."

Sherman apologized for the incident Wednesday and said he would reach out to Mayfield to say "my bad." Mayfield is appreciative of the gesture.

"I haven't had my phone on me," Mayfield said when asked if he had heard from Sherman. "Just got out of practice. I just heard that. That's nice of him."

The Browns quarterback's every move is thoroughly analyzed and critiqued, but Mayfield isn't bothered by the conversation the fake controversy created.

"I'm not worried about it," Mayfield said. "I know how I handled it. Exactly what I did. It is what it is with you guys. People want to portray an image of me of who I am as a person -- I could care less."

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Mayfield hasn't had the year many predicted to this point, but he handled the situation with Sherman flawlessly.

Now, he and the 2-3 Browns just have to figure out how to get their offense back on track and salvage a season that appears to be on the brink.

Jimmy Garoppolo 'really good' but not elite, analyst Chris Simms says

Jimmy Garoppolo 'really good' but not elite, analyst Chris Simms says

Is your quarterback elite? Well, if you're a fan of the 49ers then no -- at least according to Chris Simms.

The NBC Sports football analyst couldn't confidently put Jimmy Garoppolo in the elite category, but still had plenty of praise toward him, especially knowing he plans on leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl.

"I think there's some quarterbacks in football right now: Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, DeShaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes -- they kind of stand alone," Simms said.

After that handful of quarterbacks, Simms highlights a group of "good," a squad that he considers Jimmy G to be a part of. Plus, Garoppolo has a lot of "good" surrounding him.

The elite talents of tight end George Kittle are something that shouldn't be argued -- unless you're not sure if he's a decent blocker or not. Ahem, Doug Gottlieb.

"That's all you need to win a Super Bowl," Simms added.

The consensus around Jimmy G's eliteness is that he's not elite, but he's not bad, but he's good enough.

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Got all of that?

His throwing abilities have been talked about, but once again the word "elite" was not mentioned.

49ers tackle Joe Staley doesn't have looming retirement on his mind


49ers tackle Joe Staley doesn't have looming retirement on his mind

A lot of times for athletes, it's not up to them whether or not they want to retire -- it's up to their body. For 49ers tackle Joe Staley, it's really no different.

"I like to think that I can continue to play football for as long as they'll have me," Staley said in an interview with 95.7 The Game on Thursday. "And that's my mindset. I've never thought about when an end is going to be."

The 35-year-old signed a two-year contract extension with San Francisco in June which ultimately means he could spend the entirety of his NFL career as a member of the 49ers. And while that seems like a long time, he's still soaking up the everyday grind of his job even with the setbacks he's faced this season.

"The challenges of this season have been different than seasons past," he said. "I love the adverse situations and you kind of learn a lot about yourself -- how you respond and challenge yourself daily with different goals ... "

Staley sustained a fractured left fibula earlier in the season during the Week 2 matchup against the Bengals and with a smile tried to remain positive but admitted: "it sucks." He was emotional after the injury but said that had a lot to do with how special the team was and the guys he was surrounded by.

Still, you can't fake the passion the six-time Pro Bowler brings to the 49ers and it appears you would have to pry the game away from his hands if you anticipate him hanging up his cleats any time soon.

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"That love for the game is still there, burning," Staley said.

He finished the statement saying he doesn't have an honest answer as to just how much football is left in his body, but it's not something he's concentrating on at the moment.