SAN FRANCISCO -- In a time normally reserved for deflecting questions about a potential playoff rotation or Melky Cabrera's status with the club, Bruce Bochy decided to have a little fun.

Little over an hour before Barry Zito threw the first pitch to Josh Rutledge, Bochy met with reporters in the Giants dugout with a 49ers hat perched atop his large head.

After news broke that 49ers quarterback Alex Smith barely avoided a 15,000 fine for wearing a Giants hat in his postgame press conference, which he did last season as well, Bochy decided to share his thoughts on Smith and his infamous hat.

"This is our way of supporting him for supporting us," Bochy said. "And we're all 49ers fans here so this is in honor of Alex. I'm glad he didn't have to pay the fine. That's good news."

Bochy wasn't shy about his 49er fandom.

"I'm a big 49er fan. Since I've been here, I've always followed them. And what a great club they are. Great team. Tremendous defense. Coach Jim Harbaugh and his quarterback, they're solid. Tremendous year last year and they're going to have another great year this year."

Bochy's 49ers hat was a size 7 3/4, smaller than his normal 8 1/8 lid. Because of the size difference, Bochy had clubhouse guru Mike Murphy stretch the hat out for him. Bochy said he doesn't expect any punishment from Major League Baseball for wearing the non-approved gear.

"I don't think so; I hope not," Bochy said. "We're having some fun with this. This is what it's about. Some times we take things a little too serious, I think. Smith comes out here and supports us and we do appreciate it so this is our way of saying thanks."

Smith apparently got word of Bochy's gesture, according to 49ers Insider Matt Maiocco.


Sergio Romo is also a vocal supporter of the 49ers and was decked out in a Joe Montana jersey and 49ers winter hat after a win over the Braves on Aug. 23. At the time, I asked him who would win a chess match between Bochy and Harbaugh. Romo surprisingly didnt vote for his skipper.

"Romo said that? I dont know," was Bochys reaction when informed of Romo's response.

It may be hard to get the two men to sit down for a game of chess, but Bochy did express a desire to get to know Harbaugh better after being limited to brief interactions in the past.

"He's pretty busy, I'm pretty busy right now," Bochy said. "But at some point I'd love to sit down with him. With the Giants' season looking like it will extend well into October and the 49ers considered a Super Bowl-caliber team, it may be awhile before both men aren't busy.