Bosa calls facing Trent Williams at 49ers camp 'really fun'


SANTA CLARA -- On Thursday, Trent Williams went 4-0 over Nick Bosa in one-on-ones at 49ers training camp, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. 

For anyone that has spent time watching the seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle, it is clear that he is as athletic as they come. Williams has lived up to his billing since arriving in Santa Clara and Bosa only will benefit from their competition. 

Bosa, the NFL's reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year, explained that one-on-ones aren’t the most realistic situations compared to live games. He does use them as learning opportunities, and Williams has been a great teacher. 

“I try to split them at least, one win, one loss,” Bosa said. “That’s what I’d hope for, but you’re not going to beat Trent clean very often, so getting a clean win on him is a good feeling.” 

Bosa tries not to get caught up in the win-loss ratio with Williams. He believes it can make him overconfident if he puts too much in winning or distract him from the practice if he keeps track of the losses.  

During the offseason, the 49ers needed to shore up the left side of the offensive line knowing that long-time veteran Joe Staley was contemplating retirement. Williams was at the top of the list, and Bosa sees the immediate benefit of his presence.

“It’s really fun to go against him every day,” Bosa said. “He’s not a dirty player at all. He’s not pushing you after plays, he’s just getting good work in between the whistles. From what I’ve seen, he’s going to be very helpful this year.”    Coach Kyle Shanahan and Williams spent four seasons together in Washington, but the coach was unsure what to expect from the left tackle after a year and a half away from the field. He has not been disappointed. 

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“Trent has been everything we’ve expected,” Shanahan said. “Trent is as talented of a football player that I’ve ever been around. He’s the exact same guy, still the same athlete, still moves the same, a very aggressive player.”  

Bosa has appreciated the challenge that Williams provides and even joked with Jimmy Garoppolo about having some time on his left side from the protection he will get. 

“Jimmy has been spoiled with Joe and now Trent. It doesn’t get much better.”