Aiyuk implies he won't change 49ers number despite new rules


Choosing a jersey number is a big deal. I was obsessed with the No. 7 growing up. You don’t care, but now you know. 

For 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, he appears to be settled with No. 11 since being drafted by San Francisco, even with some new rules that were implemented by the NFL on Wednesday that would allow him to change to a single-digit number.

Arizona State Football’s Twitter account asked if Aiyuk would return to the No. 2 he sported while with the team in 2018 and 2019, but nope …

The new league rules were broken down as follows: 

It ultimately solidified Aiyuk’s thoughts. 

Aiyuk also posted on Twitter earlier this month that receivers wearing a single digit is “childish” and to leave that in college.

All right then.

Aiyuk has the No. 2 in his Twitter handle, and the ASU Football account said they'll support whatever number he rides with.

The 23-year-old Reno native probably will be holding on to No. 11 for dear life after Pro Bowl tight end George Kittle was eyeing it. 

Earlier this month, Kittle commented on Bleacher Report Gridiron’s Instagram account, saying he wanted to snag that No. 11 from Aiyuk. Aiyuk was happy to oblige ... if Kittle paid $11 million. 

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Get used to Aiyuk wearing No. 11.

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