Brandon Aiyuk welcomed by Deebo Samuel to 49ers' 'fun' receiver group


Brandon Aiyuk has had nearly two weeks to get used to his new reality, but apparently, the idea that the 49ers made him the No. 25 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft still is taking some getting used to.

"It really hasn't [sunk in yet]," Aiyuk told NFL Network's MJ Acosta. "It's crazy. Just as I'm watching the draft, just to see my name come up as the first round picks go by and see my name next to the 49ers at 25, it's exciting, but it really hasn't hit me yet. I'm just excited and blessed and ready to get to work."

In what arguably was the most loaded receiver draft class ever, San Francisco made Aiyuk the sixth and final receiver to be selected in the first round. The 49ers traded up to get him, not only to secure his talents, but also to fill a big need. With Emmanuel Sanders departing for the New Orleans Saints in free agency, Aiyuk should step right into a starting role as a rookie, and his former coaches expect him to have an immediate impact.

While it certainly will be a challenge for Aiyuk to replicate or even exceed Sanders' production from last season, the 49ers' offense has the potential to be even more potent in 2020, and the rookie receiver is part of the reason why. San Francisco could have one of the more dynamic receiving corps in the NFL, and as it turns out, Aiyuk already was fond of the group he is now a part of. 


"Deebo [Samuel] called me the other day, so I've talked to him," Aiyuk said. "But I remember during the season last year, talking to one of my friends just saying how much fun the 49ers have and how close of a receiver group they are. So, it's exciting. It's fun to be invited into that group, so I look forward to it."

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Aiyuk already has had one major "pinch me" moment as a rookie in the NFL. Surely, the 49ers are hoping there's plenty more where that came from.

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