On Sunday evening, the 49ers hired John Lynch to be the team's next general manager.

On Tuesday morning, former 49ers tight end Brent Jones weighed in on the move.

"The reality is it's never one guy. Even the greatest general managers of all-time -- they've got a director of college scouting, they've got a director of player personnel, they've got pro scouts ... it's about creating a team and not just one way of thinking," Jones told KNBR 680. "Now certainly, you need a leader when you have a team. And John Lynch is a natural leader.

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"The more that I've thought about it -- I want a guy that's a football guy. Most likely, he's gonna be in the Hall of Fame this weekend ... here's a guy that is the greatest of the greatest character. Honest. Communicator. He's not gonna hide in the corner. He's not gonna shy away from the press. He's not gonna pick fights with players or he's not gonna leak to the media.

"He's not gonna draft receivers in the first round that can't catch or play. He's not gonna draft guys with ACL injuries and he's actually gonna work with Kyle (Shanahan)."

Jones is referring to Baalke's selection of A.J. Jenkins with the 30th overall pick in the 2012 draft.

He never caught a pass for the 49ers, was traded to Kansas City in August 2013 and is no longer in the NFL.


Baalke also drafted numerous players coming off significant knee injuries.

"I'm more positive than a lot of people are," Jones added. "But we all don't know at this point. But first and foremost, the greatest sign for 49ers fans, take solace in this fact: We got a true football guy leading football operations. He's hiring more people so we're not gonna be overloaded with business people.

"We're not gonna have the head of analytics out there. I hate to tell you, but there are no algorithms that tell you how good a guy is at football. So separate the analytics side -- you go run your numbers, don't be in the meetings, don't be giving us input unless we ask, and you worry about the salary cap.

"So the greatest sign for 49ers fans -- for maybe the first time in a decade, maybe longer -- we're going to have a pure loaded up football operations side of the equation, and push everything else to the other side of the building."