Baldy raves about Bosa's disruptive performance vs. Eagles


Nick Bosa is healthy and once again wreaking havoc on opposing offenses. 

Tallying two sacks against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 2, Bosa played a huge role in the 49ers' defensive success against quarterback Jalen Hurts. 

ESPN's Brian Baldinger broke down some of Bosa's film for his infamous "Baldy's Breakdowns." 

"You can't do this, you can't let their best player be blocked by tight ends," Baldinger said in the first clip. "He's never going to be blocked by a tight end, never! He wasn't blocked by a tight end (in High School) or at Ohio State or at the NFL. They're not blocking him, you can't do that. You cannot put your tight ends in that situation. It's not (Dallas) Goedert's fault, he never gets a chance to block somebody with the ability of Nick Bosa. He will shred him, tear him apart every time. Not 5/10 (times), but 10/10 times."

As Baldinger explains in both clips, Bosa being matched up against tight ends did not bode well for the Eagles' offense. 

It was interesting to see how Bosa was prepared for Hurts and the Eagles read-option plays, which Baldinger breaks down in the second clip. He mentions that pass-rushers such as Bosa aren't necessarily fond of the role, and it makes sense because Bosa is forced to sit patiently and identify the ball carrier before his pursuit. 

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Usually, off the edge, Bosa's job is to make a beeline for the quarterback. With a mobile quarterback like Hurts, Bosa's patience and awareness are necessary to identifying tricky read-option plays. 


Bosa's role on Sunday wasn't necessarily a traditional role for an edge-rusher of his prowess, but he still recorded two sacks. Next week a non-mobile quarterback in Aaron Rodgers comes to town, which might present more sack opportunities for Bosa and the 49ers' defensive line. 

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