Purdy using Seattle experience to combat crowd noise vs. Eagles


Brock Purdy will have a challenging test for his first NFL road playoff game as he heads to Philadelphia for the NFC Championship Game against the No. 1 seed Eagles on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. 

The rowdy crowd noise is one aspect that the 49ers' rookie quarterback will need to overcome. Nonetheless, Purdy intends to draw on his experience playing against the Seattle Seahawks in Lumen Field.

"When we played Seattle [in Week 15] and everything, [49ers coach Kyle Shanahan] did say it was good preparation for what we were or what we might have to play in, in terms of the playoffs going on the road, for road games, and obviously for Philadelphia," Purdy told reporters Wednesday. 

Despite the electric and loud Seattle fans, Purdy completed 17 of 26 passes for two touchdowns and zero interceptions, so the San Francisco signal-caller has successfully played in challenging settings.

“We'll do the same thing we did that week," Shanahan said. "That was huge just because that was our first game really all year that it was that important, and Brock hadn’t had experience with it, and so it was great to have that, especially with us going to Philly.

"I remember I was talking about that that week that we needed that. We needed that rep in case we ended up in the NFC Championship at Philly, and we got that and very fortunate that we did."


Although various factors will go into the 23-year-old's preparation, he did highlight the importance of communication. The contest against the Eagles likely will be tight, and the minor details might determine which team punches their ticket to Super Bowl LVII. 

"It's just like everything in these kinds of games [it's] all about communication," Purdy said. "How can you operate smoothly, get in and out of the huddle, get the play off in the right way, make sure everyone's on the same page? So that's definitely a big emphasis this week. Just that practice with the little things, the details of communicating and being on point. And that starts with the cadence. So it's going to be huge for us."

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni has the home-field advantage and noted the challenges Purdy will face with the ruckus Philadelphia crowd.

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"You have to do different things with your snap count," Sirianni told reporters Tuesday. "You have to do different things with your signals and your communication out to the perimeter. It's just everything's got to be done without being able to speak to each other. So you have to signal different things. There's just a lot that has to happen because of the noise."

Although the stakes are higher against the Eagles, the 49ers can be assured that Purdy has the traits to take on the environment in Philadelphia without it throwing him off his game. 

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