Cam in midseason quote form ahead of 49ers playing Pats


You might not agree that the 49ers are facing an elite quarterback in Week 7, but you best believe they're facing one whose mastery of metaphors is.

In an appearance on WEEI-FM's "The Greg Hill Show" on Monday morning, New England Patriots star Cam Newton was in rare form a day after the Patriots' 18-12 loss at home to the Denver Broncos. If you had an analogy, euphemism or simile in mind, there's a good chance Newton said it during his appearance.

It's good to have Netwon back playing again, isn't it?

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Nobody has documented the quarterback's way with words to greater -- or funnier -- effect than ESPN Radio producer Shannon Penn, who used to chronicle the best of Newton's interviews on "The Right Time with Bomani Jones." Penn still does from time to time as a guest on the podcast, including a Sept. 10 episode, and any listeners reading this will easily recognize Newton's quotes from Monday as him being in midseason form. 

That hasn't quite been the case on the field yet, with Newton completing 17 of 25 passes for 157 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions in Sunday's loss. Newton and the Patriots barely practiced over the last two weeks due to a spate of positive COVID-19 tests, including Newton's own. Sunday also marked only his fourth start back after foot and shoulder issues limited him to just two starts last season.


But Newton still ran for 76 yards on 10 carries Sunday, and the 49ers have struggled to contain dual-threat QBs. No quarterbacks can match Newton's combination of size, speed and strength with the ball in his hands, and his Week 2 performance against the Seattle Seahawks -- he accounted for 444 of the Patriots' 464 total yards in the loss -- shows there's something left in the 2015 NFL MVP's tank.

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Losing streaks have been rare in New England over the last two decades, and the Bill Belichick-coached Patriots are going to be well-prepared for whatever the 49ers throw at them on defense. Newton surely will be, too, assuming the Patriots actually complete a week of practice -- which hasn't been a given lately -- and considering he hasn't ever lost to the 49ers in the regular season.

If Newton's interview Monday is any indication of his comfort heading into this week, you might be able to ink that in gold.