HOF corner Bailey delivers verdict on Moss vs. T.O. debate


Two of the greatest receivers in NFL history suited up for the 49ers at one point during their careers.

Terrell Owens made his name in the Bay, catching 592 passes for 8,572 yards and 81 touchdowns in eight seasons with the 49ers. Randy Moss, on the other hand, came out of retirement after the 2011 season to play the final year of his career in San Francisco.

Both Moss and Owens are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but which legendary receiver was better? Champ Bailey says it's close, but he would give the edge to Moss.

"I'm going to say Randy by a slight edge," the Hall of Fame cornerback told Takeo Spike on his "Behind The Mask" podcast. "I think Randy, his biggest strength was probably scarier than T.O.'s, which is that deep ball, that speed. But T.O. was a beast. One thing about T.O: You don't find guys that big, that can run so hard, and run fast, he could break tackles and he was hungry. That dude -- that's what I say is different about some of the guys now. Even though T.O. would do some stuff in the media, he was always on the field. That dude was a beast."

As for Moss, Bailey was glad he faced the legendary receiver when he didn't have a good quarterback to deliver him the ball.

"I caught him at a time when he was a little older and he didn't have a great quarterback," Bailey said. "So I didn't have to worry as much as early in his career because he was dominating everybody. Moss would set you. He'd come out run a curl. Run a dig and get down on the ground. Next thing you know he would do the same move and he's 5 yards past you. He did that to me a few times, but fortunately, he didn't have a great quarterback and they couldn't get him the ball, so I never got Mossed."


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49ers fans have been lucky enough to see Jerry Rice, Owens and Moss don the red and gold in the Bay Area. While the current 49ers don't have a superstar receiver, they do have the best tight end in football in George Kittle.

Could Bailey have locked down Kittle the way he did many great receiving threats? Some questions are best left unasked and unanswered.

Watch Bailey's entire interview with Spikes in the video below: