Simms says 49ers trading Jimmy G is 'right thing to do'

/ by Matt Maiocco
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Jimmy Garoppolo, John Lynch

Within the first 30 minutes of the 2021 NFL Draft, the 49ers will select the individual who coach Kyle Shanahan trusts to be the team’s quarterback of the future.

NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms believes the player chosen should be the quarterback of now, too.

And that means he believes 49ers general manager John Lynch should look to trade Jimmy Garoppolo to clear the way for the rookie and avoid uncertainty within the ranks.

“Ultimately, the right thing to do would be to get rid of Jimmy G, and not to say it would be this weekend, but at some point between now and the start of training camp,” Simms said on 49ers Talk.

“I think having him in the locker room, no matter who they pick at No. 3, could divide the locker room to a degree.”

One line of thought is that the 49ers could hold onto Garoppolo and anoint him the starter for the 2021 season. Garoppolo could start while the rookie spends time learning the system. The 49ers would turn to No. 3 overall pick at some point down the road.

But if Garoppolo gets injured again or plays poorly, the 49ers would have zero ability to trade him next year to recoup some of the future draft capital they surrendered in the move up from No. 12 to No. 3.

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On the other side, if Garoppolo plays exceptionally well, it could create more issues to get rid of him and, possibly, take a step back with a new quarterback.

“There are a lot of things that I look at and go, there’s more headaches to have Jimmy G there than not to,” Simms said.


Simms lists the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Chicago Bears and, possibly, the New England Patriots as teams that could be interested in adding Garoppolo either before, during or after the draft.

“I’d think ... you could find a trade partner out of one of those teams that would  fancy a Jimmy Garoppolo in a trade.”

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