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It's fantasy football season, which means -- well, to some people, it means everything. 

Some of you know the do's and don'ts of drafting your team, but if you don't -- don't worry, we'll cover that for you, too.

For now, let's look at some of the best fantasy football team names that you wonderful people of the Internet have sent me on Twitter.

Hi, hello -- this is amazing. 

Whenever you can bring in one of the most iconic pop voices in the world and involve football, it's always a yes for me.

Related: Einhorn is Finkle.

I am absolutely in love with this. 

Sometimes you need to be quick and to the point. I just worry this is the type of guy who auto-drafts.

This one is great too because I'm still trying to decide whether Baker Mayfield is a better quarterback or a better beer chugger.


Both maybe?

Someone really loves them some Dak Prescott I assume. But thank you, Noah, for getting "Baby Shark" stuck in my head -- and everyone else's.

Good -- so good.

I'm not sure if this was the typical bash on Jess tweet I get, but if it's not, I like it. And that because this is what I said.

Quarterback Josh Rosen and a classic '80s band? I'm joining this league.

These are all great coming from a guy who is obsessed with puns. 

Note: Make sure you have a friend in your circle who is equally obsessed with puns -- they are always an additional secret weapon to have.


This might be basic, but it gets the job done.

Easterling gives you options -- and each one of them is good.

A good twist on a great movie.

Many more were submitted, but we have to remind ourselves this is a family website ... most of the time.

Here's to a fun, and competitive football season to you and yours. 


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