Using his platform to help those in need, Colin Kaepernick completed his pledge to donate $1 million to charities across the nation whose purpose is to serve oppressed communities. 

To complete the final $100,000 of his mission, Kaepernick launched the #10for10 campaign. He made 10 donations of $10,000 to 10 different charities with 10 celebrities matching him with at least $10,000.

Warriors stars Kevin Durant and Steph Curry both joined the cause. 

For the last day of #10for10, Kaepernick completed his pledge by donating $10,000 to H.O.M.E (Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure) charity in Lithonia, Ga. The donation was matched by recording artist Usher. 

"You have raised $1 million. I'm happy to be a part of the completion of that $1 million," Usher said. "Everyone that has done something around this is amazing. This is a collaborative effort. As a result of us helping each other, we all become stronger."

Along with his $1 million pledge, Kaepernick has stated he will donate his jersey sales from 2016 to charities. 

Despite throwing 16 touchdowns to only four interceptions for the 49ers in 2016, Kaepernick went unsigned and did not play in the NFL in 2017.