The 2019 NFL regular season officially begins tomorrow, and Colin Kaepernick is not on a team. It'll mark the third consecutive year that's been the case, but all the while, the former 49ers quarterback has been staying ready should an opportunity come his way.

On the last day before the 'real' games begin, Kaepernick issued a reminder of that fact, posting a workout video on Twitter from the 917th day since he was "denied work".

And, based on his workout partner, safe to say Kaepernick is still preparing with and against legitimate NFL speed and talent. His primary receiver in the video was none other than new Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Kaepernick and Beckham Jr. connect for several acrobatic catches throughout the video. They appear to be enjoying each other's company, and who wouldn't on the gorgeous UCLA campus.


While Kaepernick previously played for San Francisco, Beckham Jr. reportedly came close to being a 49er, as well. San Francisco pursued a trade for the dynamic receiver for months, but the New York Giants' asking price proved prohibitive. Consequently, Beckham Jr. ended up in Cleveland, despite the fact that the 49ers reportedly would have topped the Browns' offer.

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While the Browns, Giants and 49ers have added the likes of Baker Mayfield, Daniel Jones and Jimmy Garoppolo over the last couple of seasons, it's not as if those franchises have experienced steady quarterback play over the span in which Kaepernick has been out of the NFL. Perhaps in a parallel universe, the Kaepernick-Beckham Jr. connection flourished within an actual NFL game, and not just on a practice field.