Shanahan was ready to step in if Deebo talks went on any longer


SANTA CLARA -- Kyle Shanahan did not get involved in contract talks with 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel, but the coach revealed that there was a point where he might have. 

On Monday, after the 49ers inked a three-year contract extension with their All-Pro wideout, Shanahan spoke to the media and shared his side of the experience. 

While Shanahan confirmed he didn’t have a doubt that the two sides would come to an agreement by the first padded practice, that was the tipping point where he might have gotten more involved. Now that the deal has been done, that is no longer necessary. 

“I was hoping we would get it done by the first day of pads, and that was my personal goal,” Shanahan said. “If we hadn’t by today, I might have started acting a little bit more that way, but from the beginning I kind of had an idea it would take these first four days of non-pads and hopefully we could do it on the off day. 

“My goal was today, personally, and I was glad that they got that done.” 

Shanahan shared he regularly checked in with Samuel as negotiations progressed, saying during the first week of training camp that both sides were talking “non-stop.” The head coach wanted to check in on how his top-producing offensive weapon was handling the process. 


“I always just check on Deebo, ‘You doing alright? You got anything, come ask me,'” Shanahan said. “You never know. So I always want to keep that communication with him. It’s been really smooth this whole week. Deebo has been patient and we’ve been patient.”  

Samuel has been seen near the practice fields during camp working on his conditioning. But now that his extension with the club has been finalized, the coach expects Samuel to be back on the field with the team -- but in measured steps.

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The plan is for Samuel to participate in all facets of practice but not in 100 percent of the reps with the first team. Shanahan, as with all players returning to the mix, will work him in gradually, with staying healthy being the top priority. 

“I always worry about just throwing a guy in with the amount of routes because routes are different,” Shanahan said. “We will ease him but we will increase them each day once he gets in those reps." 

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