Seahawks' Metcalf won't reveal details of trash talk with Ward


The 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are archrivals, and there's no love lost whenever they play each other. Such was the case again on Sunday in San Francisco's 37-27 loss at CenturyLink Field.

Both sides kept it clean in the first half, but as the game wore on, emotions began to boil over. It hit a crescendo late in the fourth quarter when 49ers safety Jimmie Ward was flagged for unnecessary roughness for hitting Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson following a questionable-at-best slide. The Seahawks took exception to their QB getting popped, and plenty of shoving ensued.

There's no question there was some unfriendly dialogue shared between the two teams. Two of the most prominent trash-talkers, Ward and Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf, were going back and forth. Whatever was said was kept between the players.

"I don't know if I can disclose that communication," Metcalf said of their interaction following the game.

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Metcalf had plenty of reasons to talk smack. His team was leading on the scoreboard, and he was one of the biggest reasons why, finishing with 12 receptions for 161 yards and two touchdowns.

Throughout Sunday, Metcalf was a problem the 49ers couldn't solve.