Donte Whitner criticizes Marquise Goodwin's dance-off with Odell Beckham Jr.

Donte Whitner criticizes Marquise Goodwin's dance-off with Odell Beckham Jr.

Prior to the 49ers' loss to the Giants on Monday Night Football, two opposing wide receivers had some fun at Levi's Stadium. 

Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. and 49ers speedster Marquise Goodwin were caught chatting three to four hours before kickoff. The two put on a show for fans in the 49ers' end zone with a pregame dance-off

NBC Sports Bay Area analyst Donte Whitner, a former 49ers safety, wasn't a fan of the receivers mingling before the game, especially since Goodwin dropped a fourth-quarter pass that led to a Giants interception. 

"That last throw to Marquise Goodwin, where he had the ball in his hands and it popped up, that's what happens when you dance with your opposition before the game," Whitner said on 49ers Postgame Live. "When you sit in the end zone and you dance with Odell Beckham Jr. ... I don't like that." 

Before the friendly dance-off, Beckham Jr. came over to greet Goodwin's family. 

Still, Whitner, a two-time Pro Bowl pick, simply didn't agree with pregame banter between two opponents.

"That tells me that you're not a responsible professional athlete," Whitner continued to say on the pregame dancing. "You don't really care. You're dancing with this guy because he has a number of followers on Instagram or whatever. No, we don't do that if we want to win football games."

The 49ers didn't win the game, falling to 2-8 on the season. Goodwin had four catches for 69 yards, and Beckham Jr. caught four passes for 73 yards and two touchdowns.

49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk showcases entire skillset vs. Steelers


49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk showcases entire skillset vs. Steelers

Things haven't been going great for the 49ers early in their Week 3 matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers at Levi's Stadium, as they turned the ball over four times in the first 18 minutes.

But at least Kyle Juszczyk came to play.

The 49ers fullback had two highlight-reel plays during the first half, the first was a diving catch on a 22-yard pass from Jimmy Garoppolo.

The next time Juszczyk touched the ball, he made new Steeler Minkah Fitzpatrick feel it.

Can your fullback do this? (Considering some teams choose not to carry a fullback in the year 2019, the answer is no.) Regardless, it's good to see Juzszcyk show he can do more than lay the boom when blocking.

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The 49ers trailed 6-3 at the half

Terrell Owens wants to give guidance to Antonio Brown amid controversy

Terrell Owens wants to give guidance to Antonio Brown amid controversy

SANTA CLARA — Newly enshrined 49ers Hall of Fame receiver Terrell Owens is known for being outspoken, and that did not change as he dished on embattled receiver Antonio Brown. 

Owens is friends with Brown and noted how he would like to talk to the former Raiders receiver about his current situation. Owens himself has had a plethora of controversial situations unfold publically during his time in the NFL, and knows his experience could be valuable to Brown moving forward. 

“I would love to talk to him personally,” Owens said. “We all go through life and we are going to make mistakes. They are going to be things that we look back upon. I am sure he will get to that point in his life but he has to do what’s best for himself. I understand to a degree what he’s doing and what’s going on with him.” 

Owens repeatedly reacted emotionally as an NFL wideout and knows how the media machine works. While he was openly supportive of Brown, T.O. explained that if the two receivers do have a conversation it will remain between them. 

“If I share anything with Antonio it will be in private,” Owens said. “Antonio is a good friend of mine it is unfortunate what is going on. I will say the guy is innocent until proven guilty just even with everything that has transpired with him. 

“Things keep coming out and by public opinion, they are automatically going to consider him guilty without due process. Other than that, that’s all I can say. That’s a friend of mine and anything and everything that happens with him I wish him well.” 

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It remains to be seen if the new 49ers Hall of Famer will be able to get through to Brown, but there might not be anyone better qualified than Owens.